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Are you growing old or GROWING UP?

One thing I noticed is that one of the most difficult things to do in life is “CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD.”

Obviously, your umbilical cord was cut by the doctor during birth.  However, I’m talking about the emotional umbilical cord that no doctor can cut for you, only you can cut for yourself.  First, you must know that you have it, and one way to recognize it is to notice that when you are around your family, they still treat you like you are 15 years old.  Your behavior allows them to scold you and maybe not trust you with your own money and decisions.  When you enter your family’s energetic field, you regress into a child, and you may do the same with a partner, which is why your relationship is not working, because unconsciously your parents are with you.   You go on and on looking for different partners carrying the “umbilical cord” with you, and the relationships never quite work.

To grow up means to cut those threads of energy from the past.  It is the realization that you are your own woman or man and that you are no longer a little girl, but a Queen, or you are no longer a kid, but a King.  This transition is not easy, because growing up means to face your responsibilities.  It means to face your fears, and once you do it, you are no longer the pleaser of your family.  Real love will happen, and instead of GROWING OLD, you will GROW UP.  Your life will change.  You will start a new business, which is probably something that your family never told you that you could do.  You will be able to love without those infantile needs to get attention.  You will learn to build a healthy, loving relationship with your family.

— Alfonso De Rose