The Christ Meditation

A while ago, there was a meditation master that was teaching his students, and he said to them,
“Now we’re going to practice The Christ Meditation,” and the students looked at him with
a surprised look because they never heard such a thing. One of the students asked him, “Master,
what is The Christ Meditation?” In that moment, the Master closed his eyes and went deep within
and suddenly a tear ran down his face, and after a few minutes, he opened his watery eyes and said,
“The Christ Meditation is when you go deep within and you connect to the most incredible,
beautiful Divine Love that makes your eyes overflow with tears of love, of joy, of pain, of beauty,
and the most incredible of all of the loves. It’s when you become that love.”

On December 17, a few people are going to assemble on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica in the
jungle to go through the Master Retreat for 21 days where we’re going to practice The Christ
Meditation. We’re going to get connected to the inner beauty, the inner love, the inner joy that
makes your eyes tear up and makes your mind empty and your heart open.

–Alfonso De Rose