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About Alfonso De Rose

At the age of seven, Alfonso De Rose was introduced to self-help, self-growth and spirituality as a result of his mother’s mental illnesses, which included depression, anxiety and addiction, often leading to extended stays in mental institutions. Determined to find a “cure” and a “solution” for her mental state, Alfonso began reading books by Freud and Jung while other children were being read bedtime stories by their mothers.

In his late teen years, longing to be “strong” for his mother, Alfonso began developing his physical body through weight lifting. By age 19, he became the Italian Champion of the International Federation of Body Building. At age 21, while serving as a physical trainer in the Italian Air Force, he discovered that his passion and life purpose was to help others achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be.
Alfonso began working on political campaigns with his father who at the time served as a congressman for the Italian government. Knowing this career was not part of his life’s purpose, Alfonso decided to move to the United States to follow his dreams.

Alfonso De Rose

Alfonso De Rose

Shortly after arriving in the U.S. with no money or definitive plan, Alfonso began to experience his own bouts of depression and anxiety, resulting in tremendous weight gain. This difficult time in his life was the catalyst for his quest for spiritual development. He began traveling the globe to study with world-renowned teachers and was able to overcome his struggles through practicing a variety of spiritual disciplines and perseverance. He mastered the art of yoga and meditation, and acquired deep knowledge in the philosophies of all world religions.

For the past 20 years, Alfonso has spent several weeks and months in personal solitude, exploring the science of the inner-world, finding tremendous insight and wisdom.

Now known as an insightful and spiritual master teacher himself, Alfonso is an ordained minister who has a remarkable, unorthodox and innovative approach to helping men and women overcome challenges and transform their lives through the art of love.
Alfonso’s radical and unique teachings can be experienced through his many workshops around the world, developed and designed achieve a total renewing and metamorphosis in all areas of your life. He believes that we are all precious masterpieces from God, and that fact can only be realized once we learn how to trust more, love deeply, and “get the mind out of the way.”