Man of the New Millennium

Man of the New Millennium

Designed for a man ready to take on the greatest quest of his life — Authentic Manhood

In our culture today, duality is on the rise.  In order to appear strong, many men suppress love; yet, in order to appear loving, they suppress their masculine energy.  The New Millennium Man experiences no separation between his heart and his masculine energy.  If you have felt enslaved by myths of manhood that have prevented you from the monumental growth and success that you, your family, and your dreams deserve, then this course is the opportunity of a lifetime.

There is a tremendous need for men to evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally, while earning the trust and respect of others – especially women and children. The man of the new millennium is authentic, honorable and committed to having an open heart. He is a king, a monk, a politician, a father, a friend, a boyfriend, a husband, a warrior.  He is also caring, playful, aware, intelligent, mature, present, strong and conscious; and he is not afraid to die for his purpose, his mate, his family or the world.  To achieve this level of astonishing success, we cannot do it alone. There is a unique spiritual growth that can only happen among men. Alfonso De Rose

This course engages the heart, mind and spirit in ways very few men have had the privilege of experiencing.

In this 3 day seminar, you will:

  • Dive into your purpose fearlessly
  • Live on the edge and be willing to take risks
  • Become part of a brotherhood
  • Develop confidence and presence in the most difficult times
  • Gain spiritual power and strength in the presence of other men
  • Create more passion and cooperation in your relationship or attract the right person for you
  • Discover the secret to having your partner willingly surrender to your leadership and protection
  • Align your values to support your purpose
  • Earn the trust and respect of women, children and other men
  • Become a HERO!