Over the centuries, women have gone through many traumas, adversities, violence, and injustices. After the Women’s Revolution, women were able to bring a new strength and identity that changed the world. Today, women are still searching for healing to bring completion to their evolution.

A new revolution is beginning now that goes from being feminist to being FEMININE, bringing the NEW MILLENNIUM WOMAN to a new level of excellence and power that has never happened before in the ‘herstory’ of the world.

The New Millennium Woman is not just able to make money or lead a country, she can also forgive, inspire, and teach the art of LOVE to the WORLD.

She is sensitive, creative, loving, radiant, and powerful with an open heart.

Her life is a dancing meditation.

Key Benefits of Attending:

Increase Your Confidence
Overcome Your Fear of Men
Expand Your Life Force
Rediscover Your Purpose
Understand True Feminine Power
Attract Authentic Love and Heart-Centered Relationships
Embrace Prosperity
Transform Sexual Guilt into Sexual Openness
Align Your Career with Your Heart’s Desire
Learn to Love Your Body
Transform Your Craving for Love into Your Heart’s Yearning
Find Out What a Man Wants and How to Love Him
Bring Passion to Your Marriage / Relationship

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