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Thinner Journeyis a three day intensive workshop for people who want to lose weight effortlessly and create more personal power in their life resulting in optimal health, greater prosperity and more fulfilling relationships.  All three have their roots in the same place.  The issues we deal with are interconnected through our Spirit, Emotions, and Mind (S.E.M.).

Do you want to learn a superior way of living, eating, feeling?
Then Thinner Journey is for YOU!

What are the benefits of Thinner Journey?Mike Maggiore1-CT-BandA

  • Learn to be emotionally open and allow your authentic self to shine through
  •  Learn how to change your values and therefore change your life
  •  Experience greater power over your life through vulnerability
  •  Improve all of your relationships, especially with your mate
  •  Learn the permanent way to lose weight effortlessly and keep it off
  •  Learn how to shrink your stomach and listen to your body
  •  Increase your energy level by removing inner resistance
  •  Attract more wealth
  •  Attract more love
  •  Attract more peace
  •  Attract better health

We’ve all been there.  All diets work for a while, but 83 percent of dieters gain it all back, and then some.  At first, you’re able to stick with it and you feel great, but soon the restrictions involved start to cause you stress and the cravings become overwhelming.  You have a little bite of your favorite dessert.  It won’t hurt, just a little piece.  It tastes wonderful, and all the strict discipline that you’ve suffered through is tossed out the window.  You eat and eat until you feel physically awful, emotionally you feel guilty, and mentally you feel like a failure. 

Like a rubberband, the more time that passes and the further along you go in your restrictive controlled diet, the stronger the stress, tension, and cravings become like a time bomb waiting to explode.  You end up gaining more weight than when you started.  You have no discipline, no control, maybe it’s time to give up…  Maybe you just weren’t meant to be thin.

Whether you are a yo-yo dieter or just ready to make a change, let Thinner Journey be your guide as you learn the simple keys to a system that has been proven over 90% effective!

“In the twenty years of being overweight I have probably lost and regained 200 pounds.  Trying every diet on the market and going to different doctors to the point that I believed that losing weight was impossible.  That was until fate dealt me a winning card and that card was Thinner Journey.

The advances made by myself and others in three short days under Alfonso’s guidance were extraordinary.  The whole weekend was nothing less than a total surrender and understanding of the possibilities that exist in each of us… in each of our hearts… our emotions.  I have lost 43 pounds!  I love my food I chew slowly so that I will fully taste every bite. To keep me on track, I go to sleep at night listening to the CDs that Alfonso has made. Thank you with all my heart, Alfonso.”Ann Westberry ~ Dallas, TX

Obesity has its roots inside your mind.  It’s not what you eat but what you think.  Over 100 million overweight Americans are in danger.  It’s time to take action NOW!  During this seminar, Alfonso De Rose successfully provides participants with the knowledge and tools to jump-start a permanent change to resolve overweight and obesity issues. He will debunk pervasive myths that Americans have about their relationship with food, and the psychological, physical, and emotional effects these myths have had on our lives.  Alfonso De Rose offers the hypnosis CD:  “It’s Your Birthright to be Thin” .  It is a unique tool to help train the unconscious mind to install new strategies that will allow you to approach weight loss with a completely new mindset.

More Benefits: 

  • You will lose weight
  • Reprogram your body around food
  • Recognize hunger
  • Learn how to listen to your body sensations
  • Learn how to really enjoy food
  • Stop emotional eating
  • Eliminate food craving
  • Learn the truth about diets
  • Eat what your body needs
  • Body hydration
  • Change your mindset around your body
  • Love yourself
  • Love your body
  • Tone up your body
  • Boost your self esteem



“My name is Vicki Sara Blumberg and I am a physician in Connecticut specializing in internal medicine. I have been devoted to treating obesity in my own practice for over 20 years and I am always looking for ways to enhance my abilities. I will state with the utmost humility that to call Alfonso De Rose an “inspirational speaker” is like calling Mozart a “songwriter” or Leonardo Da Vinci a “painter.” Alfonso De Rose is a genius in the art of personal insight; a soulmate to the suffering and indeed, a healer. His methods for treating the present global eating disorder crisis is not only unique, but foolproof for everyone, if embraced with the passion, intelligence and devotion with which he presents his powerful yet simple strategy.

After spending a weekend attending Alfonso De Rose’s seminar I feel irreversibly transformed! Under his tutelage I became the person I have always wanted to be, and (he helped me to realize), must always have been. The depth of my gratitude to Alfonso is inexpressible and my devotion to helping him reach the pinnacle of his higher purpose is inexhaustible.”

Vicki Sara Blumberg, MD ~ Ridgefield, CT  Author of “Obesity and the Heart,” in Obesity, J.B.Lippincott, eds. Bjorntorp, P, and Brodoff, Bernard N., 1992, pp. 517-531

“Hi, my name is Tom Sonoski and today is February 11, 2009 and I’m very excited about me. You are probably thinking, “so what?” or “who cares?”  But if you are carrying a few extra pounds around, then hear me out.

The reason for my excitement is I lost 14 pounds in the last five days and I did it by eating the foods I love. I didn’t have to count calories, carbohydrates, protein or fat content and I didn’t have to eat those cardboard tasting lo-cal, non-fat prepackaged foods containing multiple preservatives. You know, the kind that leave you hungry 15 minutes later.

My weight loss is the result of hearing about a weight loss program called Thinner Journey.  In just a few hours, Alfonso De Rose showed me how to reprogram my mind about my body and gave me the tools to make a lasting change in my life. I first met Alfonso on Friday, February 6, 2009 at his Thinner Journey Seminar in Carrollton, TX. On that day I weighed in at 237 pounds. By Sunday, February 8, 2009, I had lost 8 pounds weighing 219. On Monday, February 10, 2009 I weighed 215. Today, February 11, 2009, my weight is down to 213 pounds.

What is even more exciting is that when I look in the mirror, I love the person looking back at me. Not only did I get the tools to lose weight, Alfonso empowered me to rid myself of the emotional baggage that kept me from loving me. Along with the weight loss and transformation in my thinking, I uncovered my life purpose. Today, I feel a new freedom and a new happiness!”

Tom Sonoski ~ Euless, TX

“Thinner Journey with Alfonso De Rose was for me a life changing experience.  Causing me to evaluate so many areas in my life, with relationships, personal beliefs and behaviors that after examining them I found some things really weren’t serving me very well.  And even more beneficial to me was that I learned how to take care of my body through a new way of enjoying the experience of eating food.  So many times in the past I, like so many other people, turn to food as an escape in times of stress or loneliness.  I am very proud to say that within the last five days I have lost five pounds and eating whatever I want.  It is such a fabulous way of living.  Thank you so much Alfonso!”

Loretta Lawson ~ Allen, TX

“I attended Thinner Journey in October 2008 and again in February 2009.  I’ve struggled with weight for many years and had no real answers.  I learned to take the principles and the teachings that Alfonso gives at Thinner Journey and put them into action. As a result, I’ve dropped 30 pounds effortlessly! With no dieting and while enjoying all the foods that I love – but enjoying it and learning to trust food and its nourishment. Alfonso brings you back to the laws of nature and to me, that really made sense. As a result, my life has changed – my business is better, my relationships are better and my outlook on life is better.  With Thinner Journey, you too can make that transformation.  This program helped me to realize that I was protecting my heart with the weight. Thinner Journey taught me that letting go of the protection and opening my heart and learning to trust food could really change my life!

Livea Prue ~ Dallas, TX

“I’ve lost two and a half dress sizes in two months.  Did I diet?  No.  Did I exercise more?  No.  Did I take THINNER JOURNEY with Alfonso De Rose?  YES!!!”

Cheryl Douglas ~ Vancouver, WA

“I attended Alfonso’s seminar, Thinner Journey, in late October of 2008.  In the 3 months that have passed since then, I’ve lost 31 pounds and gone from a size 16 to a size 12!  In doing this, I’ve incorporated Alfonso’s teachings from Thinner Journey, which includes eating all the foods that I love instead of going on diets and depriving myself. Since Thinner Journey, I feel that I have boundless energy and I’m so liberated – I feel so free!  I noticed that my heart is open to everything and the weight has just melted off!  Honestly, it felt like nothing that I have ever experienced before.  I want to encourage anyone who is looking to free themselves from ‘diet prison’ and the emotional pain that comes with it to attend the seminar. It changed my life and it inspired me and it can inspire you!”

Kristen Beckham ~ Dallas, TX

“I’ve lost 15 lbs since February 2nd.  The changes so far in my body have been amazing!!!  My waist is much smaller and clothes that haven’t fit for a year are fitting nicely again. The biggest changes have been psychological.  I have a new-found power over my emotional eating of the past!!! My body doesn’t like it at all anymore and I am COMPLETELY aware of that fact.  I express my emotions now instead of stuffing them (AND my body!). I am walking – 3 times a week at least a mile and enjoying it!  I’m beginning to think there isn’t anything I can’t do!

Kate Smith ~ Vancouver WA

“My weight issues have been with me since childhood.  I found the ultimate answer in the Thinner Journey workshop with Alfonso De Rose. I felt a healing of my mind and spirit that I have never experienced in all the endeavors I have made to lose weight and keep it off. I would love to see others find the freedom I now have.  I have released over 20 lbs so far joyfully eating the things I love!

Judy Howard ~ Garland, TX

“I lost over 40 pounds since October ‘08 (even through the holidays!) while eating all my favorite foods! But even more beneficial than the weight loss is my emotional openness and knowing that I’m now saying ‘yes!’ to life!

Dona R. ~ Dallas, TX

“I have let go of 50 lbs in the last 5 months, eating the foods I love, without deprivation or starvation.  I am on my way to having the body that has been hiding in me for much too long – about 28 years to be exact!  Alfonso’s seminars have changed my life.  Alfonso has helped me to love myself and my body, just as I am.  Not just think it in my head, but feel it and live it in my heart.  I’ve learned how to love and trust food; how to open my heart and receive; experience joy, and so much more.  I no longer fear gaining the weight back; the need for protection has left me.  What freedom!  I have infinite gratitude for Alfonso and the work he does.  My life will never be the same.  Thank you Alfonso!”

Lise Rondum ~ Redding, CT