Woman of the New Millennium

Her life is a dancing meditation

Woman of the New Millennium

Over the centuries, women have gone through many traumas, adversities, violence, and injustices.  After the Women’s Revolution, women were able to bring a new strength and identity that changed the world.  Today, women are still searching for healing to bring completion to their evolution.  

A new revolution is beginning now that goes from being feminist to being FEMININE, bringing the NEW MILLENNIUM WOMAN to a new level of excellence and power that has never happened before in the ‘herstory’ of the world. 

The New Millennium Woman is not just able to make money or lead a country, she can also forgive, inspire, and teach the art of LOVE to the WORLD.

She is sensitive, creative, loving, radiant, and powerful with an open heart. 

Her life is a dancing meditation.

Key Benefits of Attending:  

  • Increase Your Confidence

  • Overcome Your Fear of Men

  • Expand Your Life Force

  • Rediscover Your Purpose 

  • Understand True Feminine Power

  • Attract Authentic Love and Heart-Centered Relationships

  • Embrace Prosperity

  • Transform Sexual Guilt into Sexual Openness

  • Align Your Career with Your Heart’s Desire

  • Learn to Love Your Body

  • Transform Your Craving for Love into Your Heart’s Yearning

  • Find Out What a Man Wants and How to Love Him

  • Bring Passion to Your Marriage / Relationship


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